Goldstone Capital seeks to generate high risk-adjusted returns through the deployment of transformative capital to unique companies and real estate transactions.

Corporate Private Credit

Goldstone Capital is focused on private credit transactions in unique opportunities. We seek companies that present attractive fundamental stories, with upside potential and minimal down-side risk. Goldstone understands the variable risks of investing. All investments undergo extensive due-diligence, deep value approach and structuring, to present minimal volatility.

Our transactions include the following characteristics:

  • Investment Size: $1 million - $10 million
  • Duration: 1 – 2 years
  • Carry Loan-to-Value (LTV): 50% – 70%
  • Clear path to liquidity to pay off debt
  • Structured and flexible financing

Real Estate Private Credit

Goldstone Capital, in conjunction with MSF Lending LLC, pursues middle-market debt financing opportunities, by targeting non-primary assets, non-performing loans, and distressed properties. Goldstone leverages its extensive network and deep local relationships to opportunistically identify underperforming residential, commercial and mixed-used assets in fundamentally sound locations, to capitalize on market dislocation and generate superior risk-adjusted returns. Our approach towards investment opportunities, capitalizes on market conditions where liquidity is limited, financing is difficult, and time is a constraint.

Our transactions include the following characteristics:

  • Investment Size: $500,000 to $5 million
  • Duration: 1 – 2 years
  • Loan-to- Value (LTV): 50% – 70%
  • Structured and flexible financing

Our Team

Adam Levine

Vice President

Ira Burstein


Clinton Custer

Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Burstein is a founder of Goldstone Capital and a co-founder of MSF Lending. Mr. Burstein oversees the Corporate Investment Strategy at Goldstone and the Real Estate Private Credit strategy in conjunction with MSF. Mr. Burstein brings more than 20 years of experience in a wide range of corporate lending and real estate investing strategies, and portfolio management roles involved multiple sectors.

Prior to founding Goldstone Capital, Mr. Burstein served as a Portfolio Manager at TCA Global, a $400 million credit fund, where he specialized in senior-secured and asset-based lending for both public and private companies. Investments ranged from $1 million to $5 million. Mr. Burstein also served as a Portfolio Manager at Platinum Partners, a $1B+ multi-strategy hedge fund, where he focused on multi-strat lending, which involved senior-secured positions and opportunities with credit side focus of the capital structure. Mr. Burstein managed investments ranging from $2.5 million to $20 million, across multiple industries and unique situations. Prior to Platinum, Mr. Burstein served as an SVP at Armstrong Capital, where he co-managed a $300 million portfolio of anchor based shopping centers in the North-East. Mr. Burstein has over fifteen years of experience in debt capital markets with a concentration on senior-secured corporate credit, and real-estate lending and repositioning.

Mr. Burstein earned his B.B.A in Finance and Accounting from Brooklyn College.

Mr. Levine oversees the research and analysis process at Goldstone. Furthermore, Mr. Levine actively participates in the deal structuring process to optimize returns and minimize downside risk.

Prior to Goldstone Capital, Mr. Levine served as an analyst in the Private Placements Group at Platinum Partners, a $1B+ multi-strategy hedge fund. At Platinum, Mr. Levine focused on private debt and private equity opportunities across multiple sectors in both stressed and distressed situations. The various structures included senior and subordinated debt, mezzanine, equity-linked convertible instruments, and equity positions.

Mr. Levine served as a commander in a field intelligence unit in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Mr. Levine graduated Magna Cum Laude from Yeshiva University with B.S. in Finance.

Mr. Abrahams is a co-founder of MSF Lending in which he is overseeing the firm’s Real Estate Lending strategy. Mr. Abrahams brings more than 20 years of experience in a wide range of lending and hedging strategies, and portfolio management roles within the energy markets.

Prior to MSF, Mr. Abrahams co-founded Akeida Capital Management, a $125M investment firm dedicated to senior secured lending in the energy and environmental sector. Akeida’s focus was providing custom capital solutions to late stage renewable energy infrastructure projects. At Akeida, Mr. Abrahams invested opportunistically across the capital structure, at the project level, in a wide range of commercially proven renewable energy projects. Mr. Abrahams focused providing debt and equity financing solutions with a focus on risk mitigation.

Prior to Akeida, Mr. Abrahams was the Founding Member of Natsource, LLC. Mr. Abrahams was an early pioneer in the global carbon emission markets and he was involved in the management of a $300M fund which originated, created, traded, and invested in carbon reduction projects and carbon emission credits. Mr. Abrahams led a team which executed transactions worth $1B+ of capital across many types of emission reduction projects. His extensive global expertise includes investing in projects in China, Brazil, Chile, Korea, Ukraine, and the United States. Mr. Abrahams ran the Natural Gas Basis and Swap Brokerage Desks at Natsource’s U.S. Electricity Business as well as managed Natsource – Tullet Europe, Ltd in London, an energy and emissions brokerage and advisory business. Prior to joining Natsource, Harvey brokered natural gas swaps, options and forwards for Eurobrokers and Beresford Capital Management.

Mr. Abrahams earned his B.A. in Economics from Queens College.

Mr. Custer is the VP of Business Development at Goldstone Capital. Mr. Custer is tasked with the deal sourcing and loan origination activity at Goldstone. Mr. Custer brings expertise and understanding of specialized financial products from the alternative lending space.

Prior to joining Goldstone Capital, Mr. Custer was VP of Business Development at Kalamata Advisors. Prior to Kalamata Advisors, Mr. Custer was the Head of Sales and Marketing at Borro Limited, a fin-tech art lending pioneer.

Mr. Custer earned his B.A. in Business Management from Indiana University.

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